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Health & Fitness

Don’t fall victim to ‘leisure sickness’ these holidays 

More than 1,7 million South Africans might be prone to a modern-day phenomenon known as ‘Leisure Sickness’ affecting mainly workaholics, overachievers and perfectionists. It’s a medical condition that strikes the…


5 tips to landing (and thriving in) your first job after graduation 

With South Africa in the grips of graduation fever, and the soon-to-be capped proudly displaying their achievement on social media, the reality of the challenges associated with one’s first job…


Developing children’s EQ crucial for future success in rapidly changing world 

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is increasingly becoming a greater determinant of future success across all spheres of life than IQ, an expert says, adding that it is more important than ever…


Application window now open for 6-month internship at Boeing in Seattle 

JOHANNESBURG, July 16, 2018 – Aiming for a career in aerospace, or hoping to add some serious weight to your CV? Now’s your chance with a fully paid, six-month stint in Boeing’s coveted…


How to leverage social media to land your dream job 

In a crowded marketplace, with thousands of applicants vying for a limited number of vacancies, candidates should do more than simply submit their CVs in response to advertised positions. Instead,…

Entertainment, Health & Fitness

How binge-watching TV series can wreck our immune systems 

It turns out there are some surprising daily habits, such as overdosing on our favourite TV series, that can wreak havoc on the body’s ability to fight off colds and…

#MM Monthly icon, Gauteng, Opportunities

Youths to be empowered through healthcare skills development programme 

Healthcare sector training and employment prospects provide meaningful opportunities The opportunity to launch a career in the healthcare sector will be offered to 1 000 South African youths through a…

Health & Fitness

How rooibos tea can save children from post-sunburn problems 

Copious amounts of sunscreen are sold each summer holiday in an effort to protect, in particular, children’s skin from both the damaging ultra-violet (UVA and UVB) rays of the harsh…

Health & Fitness

How to beat a headache without resorting to painkillers 

One in 50 of us suffer ‘rebound headaches’ because we pop too many painkillers over a long time, says the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Medical advice is…