Love for shorts , there is a first for Everything


“Love clothes there’s no doubt about that, but there’s always that 1 item of clothing that I never really thought I’d actually pull off and thats “short pants” for me, I’ve never been a fan. Whenever I went shopping,  I never invested those few seconds of my time  to actually look at them so instead I just passed.

” Yip, it was love at first sight”


But then I saw these #HighWaistShorts and it was love at first sight, I knew I had to have them. I played with a couple of looks in my head and this was my favorite. Its fresh, its funky and I had fun putting it together, I loved how I incorporated pantyhose into the whole look.


And I wasn’t too sure if #TheBoyFriendShirt would work on this look but it did and I love it. To finish off the look i wore a bowler hat because it looks cute and i love it.


Fashion is about taking risks, going wild and it basically gives us that platform to express ourselves in a creative way through what we wear.


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I am a hippie at heart kind of person and the only way I know how to express myself is through fashion. My star sign is LEO and that means I love looking good all the time, love dressing up, and standing out. I don't think anyone should apologise for having that unique style that defines them. Fashion allows me to be that person with multiple personality disorder lol, meaning I can be whoever I want wearing whatever I'm comfortable with whenever I want, it simply goes with my mood or what I'm feeling at that moment. I'm the lover of food and wine and aspiring to learn more, do more