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Yvonne May : A talented voice of note

Mamakitla Mosupa




There are thousands of musicians with millions of albums on shelves, so when most people say they are “musicians”, I kinda wobble my head and move on. However, it is a different scenerio when you meet a very talented artist who not only sings but find the time to impact society with their gift.

Yvonne has been on the charts for a while and has featured on various performance stages with prominent names in the music industry such as Lebo Sekgobela, Kunle Okon and of note is the famous Kunle Ayo.

Yvonne May as she is known is a gospel singer and a worshiper in her own remark, polite, very sweet and simple. So it was a case of meeting her in person and finding out what makes her a unique talent. One striking topic that made us interested in her story is her courage in adversity.

Yvonne lost her lover and husband in South Africa, and despite the death of her husband and having to look after a child on her own, she did not stop doing the one thing that makes her alive: singing. Yvonne is involved in her community, and uses her show on
Dexterity radio as a platform to reach the vunerable, misfits and the broken.

Listening to Yvonne sing, “She is a unique voice from her genre”.

I eventually got a date set and met with Yvonne at Cresta Mall in Johannesburg, and for all those that do not know Yvonne, here is a quick interview i had with her :



 Mamakitla: Tell me about yourself ?
 Yvonne May: I’m a Nigerian recording musician living in Johannesburg, South Africa. A mother of one who loves baking, bowling, enjoys movies and shopping. A lady who thinks she’s beautiful.


 Mamakitla: So you recently released an album, what’s the name of the album?
 Yvonne May: The title of my album is Songs From The Book.


 Mamakitla:  Oh okay. Why Songs From The Book?  
Yvonne May:  I wish it was a name i decided on on my own but it’s a name God gave to me. It came from a place of adversity and it happened to come after losing my husband. After he passed away i began to seek God’s face, and that’s how the songs and the title came about. 


 Mamakitla:  Do you have favourite songs from the album, songs that stand out for you?  
Yvonne May:  Oh yes i do i actually have four but let me limit it to two. One is He’ll be there and the other one is I choose to praise. 


 Mamakitla:  Why do these two stand out?  
Yvonne May:  After the loss of my husband, it was a very terrible time for me and those songs helped pull me through. At some point i told myself that against all odds, that through it all, i choose to praise God. I remembered that weeping endures in the night but joy comes in the morning. 




 Mamakitla:  Have you done any tours and concerts?  
Yvonne May:  I’ve had three concerts and my first was in 2012. Then in 2013 i introduced songs from my album(Songs From The Book) before releasing it in November 2014.
I’m having an event of worship in April, details about that will be out soon. 


 Mamakitla:  Seeing as how you’re based in Johannesburg, does that mean your concerts are limited to Johannesburg?  
Yvonne May:  For now yes but i’m working on a concert in Durban. 


 Mamakitla:  So Yvonne, is there a special Mr in your life?  
Yvonne May:  [Laughs] The server around that doesn’t seem to be working right now. 



 Mamakitla:  Are you too busy or are you just not looking?  
Yvonne May: Umm i don’t know, should i be looking or should someone be looking for me? For now it’s just me and my son until someone amazing comes along.


 Mamakitla:  You’re also on radio, right?  
Yvonne May: Yes, I’m on, it’s an online radio station and i host my own radio show every Sunday morning. It’s meant to encourage people with the word of God, inspiring music and motivational talks. And lately i’ve been touching on the topic of domestic violence which seems to be on the rise especially in marriages.


 Mamakitla:  What are your future plans?  
Yvonne May: To record more albums. I’m releasing a single next month(towards the end of March) and i’m shooting a video. I have a concert in April titled Expressions 2, i had the first one in 2012. I’m also hoping for tours around South Africa. A little birdie told me my song is on the TOP 20 chart on Rainbow FM so i’m gonna be on Rainbow FM very soon. 


 Mamakitla:  Where can people buy your album?  
Yvonne May: From Grace House Family Church in Randburg and Online ( Buy Here)


 Mamakitla: Are you on any social networks?  
Yvonne May: I’m actually trying my hand at them these days. Twitter: Mayvettevonne5 , Facebook: Yvonne May , Instagram: Mayvettevonne. 


 Mamakitla: How do people get a hold of you to book you for concerts, functions..?  
Yvonne May: They can email me on: or call me on 0825948917. 

It was Lovely meeting and chatting with Yvonne, the Lady with a sweet voice and a talent of note. I am loving her Album and will be on the look out for her upcoming projects.

An enthusiastic evolving soul who grew up in the Free State with a like state of A lover of life who is open minded, enjoys exploring, meeting people, laughing till my stomach hurts and creating memories as often as i can. I'm a believer in: Be kind, Work hard, Stay humble, Smile often, Keep honest, Stay loyal, Travel when possible, Never stop learning, Be thankful always and Love!

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Dj Tira Massacres Red Bull Culture Clash 2017




The energy at Orlando Stadium was electrifying on the evening of 23 September 2017 as four epic Sound Systems battled it out for theRed Bull Culture Clash South Africa 2017 crown.

Over four intensely competitive rounds, AKA fronting Top Boyz Sound System, battled it out against DJ Tira’s Durban Massacre Sound System, Patoranking and Red Hot Sound System and Admiral & Jahseed with African Storm – each repping their respective genres – hip hop, house, afro-beats and reggae. In the end, it was DJ Tira and Durban Massacre Sound System that won over the crowd and took the coveted title.

Hosts Siyabonga ‘Scoop Makhathini’ Ngwekazi and Thapelo Mokoena’s on-stage chemistry kept the energy high between rounds as each one brought with it even more entertainment for the fans.

The four sound systems, each comprised of a heavyweight line-up of artists, delivered one-of-a-kind performances at the world’s most innovative live music experience – Red Bull Culture Clash. To add to the suspense, each crew threw out exciting custom dubplate specials* with highlights including Jub Jub (as part of Top Boyz) remixing famous gospel song, Ndikhokhele Bawo, earning them an overwhelming response from the crowd.

The crews battled it out to the very end and kept true to their original fan promise to bring ‘everything they had on the night’. Surprise acts are a big part of the excitement of Red Bull Culture Clash, and fans never know what to expect. International reggae star, Beenie Man’s appearance, which was part of African Storm and Red Hot’s surprise guest, Zola, got the crowd going, but adding the strong throwback from Mdu Masilela to the mix helped seal the deal for Durban Massacre.

Overwhelmed by his win, DJ Tira was proud to hoist the winner’s title belt: “Winning this title means a lot to me because it shows people that Gqom and Durban house is here to stay, and will dominate and shape future sounds. That’s all we ever wanted to do – stay true to ourselves and where we come from. We gave people what they wanted and they responded to the genuine, heartfelt music we shared. That’s what it’s all about and we are proud to solidify our sound further. Thanks to the music lovers and supporters, it wouldn’t be possible without them.”

The Culture Clash concept was introduced in the UK in 2010, by the Red Bull Music Academy. It is Red Bull’s longest-standing music programme and has since made its way around the world, to cities such as New York, Lisbon and Paris. Red Bull Culture Clash is based on the classic Jamaican sound system culture.  It’s defined by the use of cutting-edge lyrics, fierce competition and ridiculously loud sound systems.

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Red Bull Culture Clash event crew line-up announced




Red Bull Music Academy is a world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals. Two groups of 30 selected participants—producers, vocalists, DJs, and instrumentalists from around the world—come together in a new city each year for two weeks of collaborations, lectures, and performances.

The Academy began in 1998, and has been traversing the globe since. In 2010 it took place in London, when the first Culture Clash was hosted as part of a five week-long city festival.

Preparations for Red Bull Culture Clash are heating up at a rapid pace as headline artists AKA, DJ Tira, Patoranking and Admiral & Jahseed, enlist some of the industry’s top musicians to back their respective crews for an epic show that is being labelled the biggest live music battle experience the continent has ever seen.

Check out the downright impressive Red Bull Culture Clash crew list below.


  • TOL A$$ MO




  • L’VOVO


  • AKA
  • JR

The list of talent to expect on the night doesn’t stop here. Crews will be introducing additional surprise artists during the event as part of their arsenal of musical weaponry they bring to the battle.

In the lead up to the event, AKA notes “None of the teams have what it takes to beat our Top Boyz Sound System. We’re making sure we have all the right elements – world class talent, infectious energy and impressive sound and lighting – to bring fans a one-of-a-kind performance. The crowd and competition won’t know what hit them! Get ready SA, we’re coming for you.”

Be prepared for a night of larger-than-life sounds and surprises and show support for your ‘chosen crew’, as it’s the response from the crowd that decides the winner on the night.

Follow Red Bull Culture Clash on; Twitter @RedBullZA, Facebook @redbull, Instagram @redbullza  and YouTube. Join the conversation using #RedBullCultureClash.

Don’t miss out on the action! Get your tickets for Red Bull Culture Clash 2017 from Computicket. Doors open from 6pm on 23 September at Orlando Stadium.

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Grit is Gold at Africa Property Investment Summit




SANDTON, JOHANNESBURG – JSE-and Mauritius-listed company, GRIT Real Estate Income Group, will be attending the noteworthy platform for real estate investment in Africa this week at the Sandton Convention Centre to discuss current trends, share industry experiences, and hopefully emerge having made positive connections in the various African countries.

As a top tier Gold Sponsor to the Africa Property Investment Summit & Expo (API), GRIT will be connecting with the most influential local and international Africa property stakeholders, in the promise to seek meaningful and profitable investment into a range of real estate, infrastructure projects and developments across the continent.

The API Summit gathers the region’s most senior investors, developers, operators and professionals providing the right platform to do deals across the region.

It is in this precise vein that Grit is Gold. It pioneered the concept of providing investors direct access to real estate ownership in Africa’s high-growth markets (excluding South Africa).

This is a dynamic, high-growth company that has established a strong portfolio of retail, corporate residential, hospitality, warehousing and commercial office assets in Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Mauritius and Zambia, with a view to expand into more markets, especially where REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) legislation has been promulgated.

Grit distributes its income to shareholders in US dollars, making it a currency hedge in addition to participating in superior distribution growth. The Company recently distributed its sixth consecutive distribution to shareholders and targets a dividend yield of over 7% in US dollars.

Grit CEO, Bronwyn Corbett has two days of bespoke networking opportunities, focussing on Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, discussing the impact that structured real estate investments can have on development of the continent.

Given the strong correlation between the investment case of REITs on the one hand and the investment mandate of pension funds on the other, REIT legislation has been a significant catalyst in the growth of listed real estate investments in those markets.

Although Grit distributes its income in the same way as a REIT does, it is not a REIT and pays the relevant taxes in-country.

For South African investors, this means they are charged a lower foreign dividend tax on their earnings, as opposed to a higher income tax compared to distributions from South African listed REITs.

Says Grit CEO, Bronwyn Corbett“We offer investors exposure to hard currency income at emerging market growth rates, making us a unique addition to any investment portfolio.

Our risk is mitigated by the quality of our tenants, including the likes of Vodacom, Barclays, Beachcomber and Lux Resorts as well as the long-term hard currency leases we have entered into.

Going forward, we are targeting growth in our current countries of operation as well as in new jurisdictions including Botswana, Rwanda and Ghana.”

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