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Welcome to year 2016 and compliments of the new season, may this be one of the many best years in our lives. The festive season celebrations were well overloaded with best wishes of good health, longevity and prosperity. The social media on the other hand was trending with resolution tips on how to make the most out of 2016. Being a healthy active lifestyle coach, my intentional motive and ultimate goal for you is to share with you some courage to reach your desired healthy body weight and to embrace living healthy.

Letting down your guard during festivities does not mean that you should not safeguard your health. A healthy active lifestyle is not meant to suck the fun out of life as some people might criticize, it is in fact the total opposite. It is a lifestyle movement lived on literally promoting maintenance of a good health as illustrate by the fun and sought after energy that come with it hence the notion ‘health and vitality’.

Let me guess, you GAINED 5kg of FAT during the festive season and wishing you can take it all back? Don’t stress, it’s good to acknowledge that you need to do some damage control. The first step is to GET OFF THE GUILTY TRAIN because it takes you nowhere and therefore wouldn’t do you any good. Trust me, that train is congested and you don’t want to be traveling on it any longer than you already have. This year keep in mind that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH because the STARTING AND STOPPING pattern is just synonymous for a DON’T CARE ATTITUDE. Keep reminding yourself of the fact that there is no progress in taking 10 steps forward and then 20 steps backwards.

We need to understand that there are certain things we just can’t wish into existence, we need to physically act for something to happen or change. If one of your resolutions is to adapt a healthier lifestyle then you have my support. When it come to your body, you need to realize that eventually becoming healthy is a result of making healthy choices with regards to what you eat and the type of physical exercise you participate in. You will have to let go of old bad routines by adapting and applying new healthier habits. Always be alert that the things that shape and define your health are the things you are most committed to.

The second step to follow is to know exactly what you are dealing with or rather how much damage control needs to be mended and how. My advice is that you visit your wellness or health coach for a consultation to check on your current body fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration levels, bone mass, glucose rating, blood pressure and vertical fat rating. Once you have these measurements it will be clearer to move to the next step of drawing up a personalized eating and exercising plan. Don’t sell yourself short, see this through and you will have yourself to thank.

From my experience with my clients males and females are capable of losing between 6-8kg of fat and gain between 4-5kg muscle mass within 90 days. Obtaining a health body weight is not always about losing some fat because in some cases is also about gain health fat levels because fat mass is important for the body and its function. Don’t point fingers and play the blaming game, that makes you lose your power to make a change. Put your best foot forward and make it happen. All of the best with the year ahead.

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