3 Axed Generations stars who are still in the Lime light

Mandla Gaduka.


Generations actor Mandla Gaduka, who plays Choppa in the SABC1 soapie, was one of the many actors whose contracts were canceled. Since the cancellations , many of the actors’ career seem to be hitting a dim bend but not for all as some are camera happy and are still on our screens till date.

Mandla Gaduka is still very much on Tv and still appears on Sabc 2 on the Gauteng Maboneng show, he has not only excited many of his fans but also increased viewership of this show he appears in.

Anga Makubalo.


Anga Makubalo, one of the finest and fresh faces, the ndlomo youngster that was being tutored by the goon himself ” Menzi Ngubeni” his father.
He is also not known anymore as just an actor but a fine musician, his free time has definitely allowed him the time to invest in his music career and we all have heared about the song that is unmissable on the music channels all round.

Anga Makubalo is surely on the paycheck of a lot of promoters and we are sure with the continuation of his appearances, he is on his way to be big. He is on Afrotainment’s List of Artists, he also screens in DJ Cndo / Jaziel Brothers ft Mashesha, Zakwe & Joocy “I Didn’t Mean It”


Sophie Ndaba.


Sophie Ndaba , known as the drama queen, Fashionista, the all round friend of almost all characters and the real Goboza network in Generations, was also axed from the generations contract but as we all know she is never a stranger on  TV adverts. Sophie has stepped up bigger and got a good deal with Cell C, we can ” side eye” her, for being able to replace Trevor to some degree , and getting the Whatsapp advert deal.

We all use whatsapp, and that is a definite she would be on our TV screen for longer, Sophie is loved by many and we all stopped switching channels during cellc adverts , cause we just loved seeing our Queen Moroka.

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