5 Mins With Natasha Thahane

Known as Enhle on Skeem Saam, 19-year-old Natasha Thahane is a girl with a heavy schedule and the energy for it. She explains how she is able to juggle it all:

We first came to know you on Skeem Saam, but was this your first gig?

No, it wasn’t. I did a few short stories on e.tv’s eKasi: Our Stories, before landing my full-time role on Skeem Saam. Later, I got a part-time character on Saints and Sinners.

Prior to you taking up acting, your father had hoped you would further your studies in finance. Is he okay with the idea of you being on television?

At first he wasn’t happy with me dropping out from Wits University where I was studying accounting. He has become a lot more understanding and has accepted my career choice. I have even joked about how he’ll see me as an accountant or a doctor on set!

What else keeps you busy besides acting?

When I am not on set, I am at college. I’m studying a media-related course at Boston Media House.

How are you able to balance your academic life with work?

It does get hard; I spend most of my time on the Skeem Saam set, unless Saints and Sinners have requested to shoot with me. As for my college work, I make sure all my assignments are handed in on time.

Playing two roles must be a challenge, how do you do it all? Any tips that other actors could use?

A good actor is one that is always prepared. You have to know what you’re getting into and be ready to play the role well. I usually start getting into character the morning of the shoot, especially for the emotional scenes that require me to tap into that space. As an actor, you also need to know how to separate yourself from the characters you play when you walk off set – you can’t take your character home.

You are Desmond Tutu’s granddaughter and have received positive comments as well as some backlash for it, how do you cope with both the bad and good comments?

I prefer never to talk about it or pay attention to the negative comments. I am who I am and would rather be honest than lie to people. There is honestly nothing to hide. Unlike Hollywood, South Africa is still financially backwards in the entertainment industry, what’s your take on this? No matter the work or money you earn, you have to be financially savvy. Open a savings account or invest in something worthwhile.

As an actress, is it important to keep your body and skin looking good – if so, do you have any tips and tricks to how you do it?

I drink a lot of water and avoid eating too much chocolate (laughs), but this is my hardest challenge. I also drink a lot of green tea and keep my skin moisturised.

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