A different new year Resolutions for 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it is that time again . . . “New year’s resolutions”. Many times we go through this phase of planning to do better, planning to do more, planning to motivate ourselves and change our lives and certain areas of our lives.

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Year after year we make our ‘annual’ new year’s resolutions, my question is does it work, has it worked and if so how successful was it? How many are left forgotten and moved to the following year.

I say forget the long grocery list of the new year’s resolutions and let’s try a different approach. This year I want us to focus on the reason, on asking ourselves the big question “why?” why do you do what you do, why do you want to work hard, why are you doing all this and who are you doing it for. Why do you want to be successful, and why do you wake up every morning doing what you do even when it seems hard.

Your why is what sets you apart from ordinary people to the extra ordinary. Why do you need to be successful and why do you want this.

Shift your focus from how hard it is for you at work, how you are not appreciated or how much you need something new, because that will not keep you motivated, stop looking for external things to motivate you, you need be to motivated internally, think about why is it that you go back to work every day, why you have that job, focus on your goals and dreams, everyone has a dream and if you are brave enough to dream it, it can happen, so focus all your time to making your dream a reality.

Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker from the USA, a teacher, an author and activists said that you need to make a decision to wake up every day and live for your why, and when you write your why down and know how much it means to you, you will not want to let your why down, what it does is that it tells you that you can’t give up.

In the year 2015 make a decision to live for your why, that will motivate you to keep going even when you don’t see the light, to stand up again when you fall and to forgive yourself from time to time.

What makes an average person is that their focus in life is not in the right place for example they are focused on their salary and getting paid, but a person who is above average his focused on what need he can meet, and how he can I please the boss. Your focus needs to change your concentration has to change, what you think about throughout the day has to change, your conversations have to change, what you are looking at has to change, what you are watching and reading has to change, focus on your why, your dreams and what you need to do to make them a reality. Focus on the 24hours that you have in front of you and how you will make use of every minute.

It may be that your why is that you do not want to let your mom down, or that you don’t want to let your daughter or son down, or let yourself down, whatever your why is make a decision today to wake up every day and live for your why.

My why is my parents, particularly my mom, she raised me on her own all these years providing and making sure that I have the best that life can offer, so I live everyday to make he proud of all her hard work and all that she dedicated her life to, I live to provide for her and make sure she has the best that life offers, and that she has all that she needs and wants. I want her to never have to work another day of her life.

My other why is the team that I work with, I am blessed with the most supportive, caring and encouraging team and it is because of them that I wake up every day to go to work and stay strong when faced with challenges at work and try to be the best that I can be at work, because I know that my why is greater than my pain.

So share with me what your why is, share with us why you want to be successful, what is your reason or who is your reason, what will keep you determined through the year 2015.


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