An inexcusable Shame on SAPS

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I was at the coffee shop in Brooklyn , taking a break and sipping on some nice cappuccino when i got a tweet from a friend in California, apparently the story went viral on social media under just 2 mins of the incidence. I didn’t get it , so i clicked the link he shared and i was embarrassed at what was taken to be a joke by majority.

I watched as 3 to 4 hooligans lined two police officers into their van , and made way with their firearm. I have been living in South Africa for 10 years and the crime rate hasn’t been anything good to write home about but was controlled to a reasonable rate. Beki Cele , the then police commissioner who was replaced as police commissioner was criticized and judged by majority as a fraudulent individual.

However, during his term of office , the rate of crime was not at an all time low but was reasonable, which is presently not the case with shooting, killing, break in that makes this video even more serious and one that makes one raise an eye brow about the current commissioner. This clip should alert south Africans and educate us about the state of our safety, it should make us question the leadership of the SAPS and the safety of lives in the country.

It would be no suprise that this is an indication of a weak system and the begining of an outbust of crime in the nation.

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