Artists Unite “No More” against Xenophobia.

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In a recent upbeat of correctness in the country and a move to educate the masses about embracing fellow human being (this time Africans), many units in the country have spiral their budgets into massive campaign sessions, from government departments like Sanral using the road information boards to send out messages, to private entities like DSTV as well as individuals on the fight against the act of Xenophobia or Kenophobia as some political parties had it on their campaign banners.

However, many believe that music has a way to impact people, and considering the fact that many of the people perpetuating the violence are low-income earners. The song initiative has been a drive used by marketers and have had a huge impact on the way messages are delivered. The strongest move this song has listed is the production, we are used to jingles and most at times it remains a jingle, it’s hard to hear a jingle more than once but we can all leave a good song on replay.

This week some artists united to contribute their talent in the fight against Xenophobia in a new song titled ” No ways”. The song features Proverb, Reason, Chad Saaiman, Nadia Nakai, Shugasmkx, Brickz, Tswyza, DJ Speedsta, Kwesta, Thabsie and Luvuyo Mandela. There are very interesting lyrics that outweighs an ordinary rap song and the sound track definitely makes the song very audible. The music video was directed and produced by Studio Space Pictures and produced by Sipho “Psyfo” Ngwenya”.

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