ASUS number One in Gaming Laptops

The global market share for ASUS gaming laptops for the first half of 2016 exceeds that of its three top competitors combined, GfK Group research reveals.  

  • ASUS gaming laptops achieved a 40% worldwide market share in the NVIDIA GTX Series segment, according to independent market research firm GfK
  • ASUS is the most popular brand for American PC gamers, according to research from Newzoo
  • ASUS sets goal to gain over 50% gaming laptop market share in 2H 2016

Johannesburg, South Africa — ASUS has announced that it has solidified its position as the number one gaming laptop brand worldwide, according to sales data compiled by GfK Group, an independent market research company. For the second consecutive year, ASUS gaming laptops with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Series graphics cards have the largest global market share based on unit sales. In separate research, gaming research firm Newzoo found that ASUS is the top PC gaming brand in the US market.

ASUS gaming laptops dominate the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series segment

For the second year in a row, ASUS gaming laptops with NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series graphics cards topped the global sales market, according to established market research firm GfK Group.

GfK Group’s data for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX-powered laptop segment shows that the global market share for ASUS gaming laptops was 40% based on sales from January-June 2016, which equals the 40% share the company recorded in the same time period last year. This figure is more than the combined share (36%) of its three major competitors, with the closest competitor only registering a 13% market share.

ASUS gained considerable growth in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) markets, with a 43% and 36% market share respectively. Market share figures for both these markets have increased by five percentage points compared to the same period last year.

ASUS is the preferred PC gaming brand for US gamers

The latest data from Newzoo, a prestigious third-party data agency specialising in the gaming industry, places ASUS as the top PC gaming brand in the US, with most American PC gamers preferring ASUS desktops and laptops.

Newzoo’s findings are based on the use of Overwolf — a platform for competitive gamers that has a user base of 12 million PC gamers — as part of its new PC Gaming Hardware Tracker, which includes more than 40 countries.

ASUS announces the world’s most powerful gaming laptop: ROG GX800

As the next step in its commitment to excite gamers around the world, ASUS will take the next generation of gaming PCs to markets later this year.

“These impressive results reflect the ASUS commitment to providing the most innovative hardcore gaming hardware and solutions possible,” said Rex Lee, ASUS Chief Marketing Officer (Systems), “We aim to provide gamers and gaming enthusiasts worldwide with the ultimate gaming and computing experience.”

“Our goal is to capture over 50% market share for gaming laptops in the second half of 2016, and continue to be a leader in the gaming laptop market,” said Lee.

An example of the advanced hardware gamers can expect is the upcoming ROG GX800, a liquid-cooled gaming laptop with the latest NVIDIA SLI™ GPU and Intel® K-series CPUs. It delivers desktop-like performance and features a liquid-cooling dock to enable extreme overclocking of the CPU, GPU and DRAM. The laptop also features a mechanical keyboard with anti-ghosting technology for solid, responsive keystrokes.

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