Bonang is Cupid’s favourite lady right now !

Twitter fans and groupies were hands on with the latest news as usual, at the instance Bonang posted the picture of herself and Nigerian businessman and music icon “D’banj” in the early period of December. The heat was further fueled when Bonang’s trip to Nigeria was confirmed with several pictures on her instagram wall, fans and critics alike took to the pool as usual and the news went viral in seconds with trotting pals taking sides as expected.
Many saw the picture as a media stunt, others saw it as a mere spiteful tune to make Euphonik jealous.


A photo posted by Bonang “B*” Matheba (@bonang_m) on

So we went online and did some digging deep and found links that were at the Lagos Countdown 2014, friends and fans alike of D’banj who were at the event at Bar Beach, Victoria Island in Lagos and saw the chemistry between Bonang and D’banj. Many of them believe is out of the ordinary and D’banj’s attention shows there is more to him and Bonang, as he kept her at arm’s length and protected her at all possible media sessions, and not flaunting images on his social media platforms. Despite the list of controversies surrounding the chemistry, we searched and found no other picture similar to the picture below :  Bonangdbanj….conversations! A photo posted by Bonang “B*” Matheba (@bonang_m) on

This has quite a lot of angles to it and surely shows some level of relationship, if she was being carried by somizi, we would relieve all assumptions but Dbanj being a public image and his submission to a frame of such reveals a lot of details, which is better contemplated by everyone’s opinion.

At #MM we are not subjected to assumptions and hence we believe Bonang has a right to her own love decision as an adult and wish her the best in her Love life but we still love the pictures and thoughts this has created and hope this is truly a love situation.

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