Business Investment meeting to connect startups to funding #BIM2018.

Connecting emerging technocrats and market shifters in the country to the fund source.

One of the fears that rich people are grappling with is being part of the next big thing in the large scale of investments. Property is highly saturated these days, the interest rate is making some investments unattractive and offshore savings are reeling off the issues of the economic downturn in some countries.

Investment in startups seems to be one of the niche that is becoming an attractive topic in the investment arena. It gives rich people an opportunity to acquire as much equity in the next big ideas.

The first ever business investment event that actually connects companies to investment opportunities is launching on the 05th of July this year.

The event gives 20 emerging companies the opportunity to showcase their idea to an audience mix of private and public investors. The auction model allows investors the opportunity to indicate business they deem fit and would like to invest in. Invited to the event are business development specialist and analysts as well as successful business entrepreneurs to educate startups.

Our angle is to engage crowdfunding corporations and access their investment database to give diversity to the investment pool. We invite private investment companies and extend invitations to government funding agencies to balance the chart. Finally, we structure a sponsorship plan that directly pays the most outstanding business at the meeting. These gives numerous opportunities to businesses with great ideas.

In order to increase the spectrum of the event and create awareness and support for South African business internationally. We do a business investment call with investment corporations who are willing to sponsor African businesses. We have 5 representatives from 5 international investment agencies in America, London, Canada, and Germany all attending this year event. The biggest in the list of invited investors is C5capital. The Investment engagement platform created by BIM to give international investors the opportunity would boost tourism and attract foreign Investors in the country.

We welcome all emerging industry leaders and market shifters who believe they have a great idea to be part of the inaugural event this year.

Businesses and investors alike can register on the beta site reserved for the event at to be part of the event.

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