Castle milk stout encourages South Africans to “GET IT BACK” this Africa month

Gipht Nkuna; Zolani Mkiva; Sifiso Pule [ Castle Milk Stout: Connections Manager];Gogo Moyo; Pallance Dladla; Ntombee Ngcobo Mzolo; Stoan Seate; Keneilwe Pholo [ Castle Milk Stout: Brand Manager]; Andrea Quaye [ SAB: Vice President, Marketing] and Lebo Mashile at the launch of Castle Milk Stout’s #GetItBack campaign in Johannesburg

Africa, have we lost it? This is the question at the centre of the powerful new Castle Milk Stout campaign in celebration of Africa month. CMS is excited to announce the launch of its new hard-hitting campaign aimed at savouring the beauty and pride of the African heritage and culture. The campaign, aptly titled “Get it Back” urges Africans to re-discover and celebrate their unique roots.

With modern culture being more dominant and valued in the 21st Century some aspects of African heritage are lost to modern philosophies. The “Get It Back” campaign aims to remind Africans of the richness of our culture, to instil pride in our culture and to and promote the habit of celebrating it always, and not just on Heritage Day.

Known for endorsing African pride and excellence, Castle Milk Stout has run several campaigns that elevate African culture, and like its black liquid, savour the richness of Africa.  The brand has always been proudly African and has shown that in spite of the challenges the continent brings; Africans can find their own way through these challenges, never losing that fine balance between modernity and tradition.

The campaign kicked off with a provocative content piece that asks Africans if they “have lost it”. Today’s launch witnessed prominent cultural activists rallying behind the campaign, with a heated and intense panel discussion delving into the importance of Africans celebrating and re-connecting with their origins.  This conversation drew the interest of some prominent personalities who collaborated with the brand to provide social commentary on this, including Lebo Mashile (Poet); Zolani Mkiva (Praise Singer); Pallance Dladla (Actor); Stoan Seate (Musician); Gogo Mayo (Wed developer and Traditional Healer); and Ntombee Ngcobo Mzolo (Radio and TV personality).

What will come next are a series of highly anticipated limited-edition cans, specifically designed with African blended patterns and engraved with clan praises of the various South African clans.

To support this campaign further, Castle Milk Stout will be launching the first ever Clanopedia site, a web platform where South Africans can register their clan praises.  This initiative will provide reference and accessibility of clan praises for future generations, ensuring that we never lose it!

“South Africa is a diverse country layered with multiple personalities, the Castle Milk Stout new campaign fits into this narrative. Our culture as a nation is deeply rooted in being an African first and the “Get it back” campaign is one of the many ways in which Africans can reflect on their origin.” said Keneilwe Pholo, Castle Milk Stout Brand Manager.

Castle Milk Stout will launch the limited-edition cans in 500ml size in June.

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