#DJZinhle and her new wig range, Hair Majesty

Dj Zinhle’s Hair Majesty adds to the long list of entrepreneurial endeavours like taking over as CEO of the international sparkling wine brand Boulevard Rosé. Also, the founder of Era by DJ Zinhle, an accessory and eye wear brand and co-owning a home ware and lounge brand, Jiyane Atelier.

This month, the mother of one launched her new product. She said every time, she goes into business, she only gets into business that have a deep significance and resonate with her personal life.

The “Umlilo’ hitmaker said that the idea of launching a hair range came from a specific feeling she experienced every time she had a wig installed.

On how she came up with the brand name, she said that being the queen she is, her hair is her crown, hence the name Hair Majesty.

“I’ve had fun with hair and I always receive compliments when it comes to my hairstyles, colour and quality of the hair I choose to wear. Being a wig lover and a style risk-taker, I decided to venture into bringing hair to my customers”, said Zinhle.

“Whether I’m creating music or jumping into new business ventures, my objective to inspire and empower other women always must come through. I feel that this was the perfect opportunity for me to explore a new industry whilst reminding women to feel like the queens they are daily. If I can achieve that, I’ve already succeeded, “ she said.

Zinhle also has a face mask range she launched in June last year with her daughter, Kairo Forbes.

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