Dr Khumalo drilled to pay hard by Lover


According to a report by SundayWorld, Mrs Nolly Blanche Khumalo (nee Garises) has decided to put an end to their 8 year marriage, citing emotional abuse and infidelity. Khumalo, who was fondly known as ’16V’ is set to fork out R45,000 a month for his soon to be ex-wife Blanche Khumalo.

The pair share a child and have been married for eight years. Blanche is demanding R30,000 for herself and R15,000 for their child.

Khumalo confirmed that his wife had filed for divorce, Speaking on his divorce and the reasons for it, Doc said he believed that his wife thought she was emotionally abused by him. He declined to comment on cheating allegations levelled against him by his wife.

His wife declined to comment. “I don’t discuss my private nor personal life in the media. You rather speak to Doctor because he is the one who is a public figure, not me,” she said. Twitter was alight in the shock of the seperation :

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