Fitness for the right reasons.

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We all have our own reasons for working out. And while all reasons have merit (and there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about the reflection you see in the mirror), some reasons for hitting the gym are definitely better and more motivating than others. The internet is flooded with nude pictures of individuals who would like to show the world the masterpiece they are. This eventually goes on to be a very easy marketing tool used by companies to con many into believing a lot of lies about what fitness ought to be about.

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In fact, the goals you set and the reasons why you work out help set the tone for your entire lifestyle and can even play a role in your long-term health and success. Of course, it is recommended that you choose empowering and uplifting reasons to lose weight and work out.

We will detail some common reasons people exercise that might seem positive at first glance but can actually be unhealthy or destructive. If you fall into one (or more) of these categories, you might want to flip your thoughts into a more motivating direction.

Some people do fitness, Because they feel fat.

Because you feel fat. Do you hit the gym hard the morning after a night of unhealthy eating to help you undo the previous night’s damage? While a good bout of exercise can get you back on track, what you don’t want to do is punish yourself with exercise. Working out shouldn’t feel like torture or used as a way to right your wrongs when it comes to food. When you do that, you’re completely missing how awesome exercise is for your health and well-being—and you could be on a slippery slope that leads to more serious food and fitness issues (such as exercise bulimia).

To eat whatever you want. If your sole motivation to work out is to help make up for your regular fast food or dessert habit, it’s time to re-examine your priorities. Sure, working out can allow you to offset the calories of indulging in more food, but it’s much easier to overeat calories than it is to burn them off. In fact, it takes about an hour of jogging to burn off just one Big Mac (and that doesn’t include the fries and soda). Not to mention that exercise can’t always undo the negative health effects of a poor diet. Sweets and other junk foods don’t give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to reach your fitness goals, either.

Some people do fitness, To run away from your problems.

We all come across problems and stress in our lives, and exercise can be a good stress reducer. But if you’re using exercise as a way to escape and run away from all of your problems, you may be asking for trouble. Exercise alone won’t solve everything; you must deal with life’s struggles directly. If you have routinely positioned your mind on this, it might be hard to get healthy and fit. Most sadistic runner or gym users are not frequent users, hence the body reacts to the unconventional habit hence making body mass worse every time. These is common among housewives, they do less exercise when happy and only use the running and exercise as a routine to escape hard times.

Some people do fitness, To retaliate or prove a point.

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booty pose © bootycamp montreal

One of the worst reason anyone can use as a motivational factor to hit the gym, is a feeling to prove a point or retaliate. Many ladies do 50 squats a day to get the perfect bum everyone said they will never own. Six packs on the clavier are definite for young men who are in on the rush of dating and would do anything to prove a point. However, this tends to take a lot of time and most times, it is pointless to spend numerous hours in the gym or exercising without the normal diet or resources and ending up with an uneven body structure. Having a very nice booty or six packs can be a bonus to adopting a healthy lifestyle that is consistent and fueled by the desire to live well and longer.

Some people do fitness, To energize when you’re lacking sleep.

Exercise is known as a natural energy booster, but if you’re using workouts as a way to get going when you’re not getting enough sleep in the first place, you could be doing your body more harm than good. Without proper rest, you could experience the effects of overtraining, which can break down your muscles and make you weaker. Not to mention that too many sleepless nights have many adverse health effects; from weight gain to an elevated risk of heart disease. Add strenuous exercise on top of poor sleeping habits, and your body could view your workouts as yet another stressor.

Some people do fitness, To get skinny.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, and exercise can help you get there. But if you view exercise as nothing more than a means to fit into a certain size, you could be sabotaging yourself. Regardless of body size or weight, working out is a must for everyone! If you view exercise as a temporary fix, a chore to achieve your dream body, or if you’re exercising in extreme amounts or intensities in order to “get skinny”, you must change your mentality. These are unhealthy reasons to exercise that are simply not sustainable. If you choose to go this route, the only thing you’ll end up with is a major motivation problem.

Working out for the right reasons will not only help your body reach optimal health, but your emotional health will benefit too. So, the next time you head to the gym because you “feel fat” or want to undo some hefty eating, think about the real reason you’re working out—to improve the quality and longevity of your life!

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