The problem I have with almost every restaurant and eatery on the block is the Menu. There is less creativity on the menu list, this is an obvious gap in the food business. There are more business people opening restaurants than actual Chefs. The Menu of John Dory’s wasn’t that different as well, a mix of seafood offering, 5-course meal spread across the sheet with fancy names and the list of “The regular drinks”.


I was with my daughter and she seem to be very excited about a specific spot in the restaurant, so I decided to take her there. It was a beautiful corner filled with game tablets for Kids. I am a parent and most would agree centurion has less entertainment for kids and it was nice seeing something more than the obvious ” jumping castles”. In addition to the game area, just by the door from the game area are some plastic cast play area for kids as well. I loved the arrangement and convenience as it looks very safe and had a wonderland feel to it. So she joined in the fun and I went back to my Menu.

After paging through the 2 pager menu, I decided to order a light meal, Grilled fish with rice and side salads, just to give this restaurant a chance at what any average person would buy at a standard restaurant. While the waiter went to the Kitchen, I took a stroll to the Sushi bar in the middle of the restaurant. The Sushi chef was friendly, accommodating as he listened to all my boring jokes, a great customer ethic. The Sushi menu was a full course menu, quite beyond what the obvious is in most restaurants.


5mins later and my food arrived, that is earlier than any of the restaurants I reviewed this year, that got me excited and a bit feeling wowed. It was time to put my taste bud to the test. In a-go, the rice got my attention, as It was soft and tasted fresh, it was cooked with a dash of pumpkin, giving the rice a tasty feel. It was also the first in a long time that grilled fish actually tastes grilled, with less bones to pick than eating. The side salads had the home cooked taste to it and clearing the plate was no mission at all.

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