Gautrain Bus Strike Over

Gautrain Bus © virtualtourist

The wait is over, if not completely but seems there is a beacon of hope in the Gautrain Bus strike. It’s been over a week since Gautrain Bus drivers have been on strike and many commuters had no choice but to return to the public taxi nightmares they left behind.

All that is about to change and commuters will once more get on the comfort seat of the Gautrain buses. A new twit was broadcasted on Gautrain twitter page confirming that buses have resumed.

Comfirming this was a commuter we spoke to in Midrand

” i saw a retweet of the buses back to work , luckily for me i was just a meter away from the bus stop, so i hurried and one of the buses arrived. It was packed but it saved me the stress of walking to the station” – Mariam Ngoni

In order to ensure that the timetables are back in full throttle, Commuters can track the position of Gautrain buses in real time on the Gautrain app. The App is downloadable for Android , ios , blackberry and Windows gadget users.

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