Generations return, over exaggerated

After so much hiatus and drama among the old cast and producers of the most popular soapie in Mzansi , the new cast were set on screen as we all waited for the unveiling of the new storyline ” The Legacy”.  We are sure the new writers are aware of that fact that all South Africans knew about the saga that went down among the production and old cast and how the beautiful generation story we have all grown up watching was cut short from the last episode in September, then now a funeral.

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We hope apart from Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo returning to their TV roots, there will be more in store for loyal generations fans, as thousands of fans were not happy at the new story line plot that was screened tonight.  Our Movie review team are very skeptical about early judgments considering its the first episode but are confident that the writers have not done the best in the pilot edition knowing the importance of the re-introduction of the new cast to replace the old. The show tonight was confusing, has no basic footing and looks like generations would loose quite a large number if not more from its loyal viewers. We would be able to state our stance by the 6th about the heat and possible outcome of the new plot.

Considering Vundla’s comments during his on-air interview on radio late last week , Vundla said he and his production team have created a story line centered around the popularity of the Moroka family legacy, with a younger generation of the patriarch’s grandchildren in major roles.

He said the revival of the soapie’s leading characters Karabo Moroka, played by Connie Ferguson and Tau Mogale, portrayed by Rapulana Seiphemo, was a continuation from the old Generations. Vundla said, just like any sequel, there would be a link from the old to the new.  Although his statement seems a bit ungrounded with the first episode but we hope in the sequel episodes it matches the promises he has stated.

We went on twitter and typed in  and we were amazed at what most South Africans twitted about

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