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According to Graffiti National Retail Solutions Manager Richard Wood, the Group’s design studio has developed a catalogue of wall papers with a vast array of designs from which clients can choose; from conservative to bold and daring, quirky patterns to photo realistic images, there will be something for every set up. “Alternatively we can custom design artwork or clients can supply their own designs which we will then produce and install. If clients have a flair for DIY they can hang their own wall paper – but being a fairly specialised process – we would caution that only those with experience try their hand at it. ”

Graffiti National Retail Solutions wall print
Graffiti National Retail Solutions wall print

Rather than overwhelming a space, wall paper can be used to deliver a powerful statement on a feature wall. Adding to this Wood says, “With a variety of colours, textures and patterns available, it can add depth, dimension, and personality to any space. It also presents opportunities for branding and introducing corporate identities into the décor, either subtly with a creative twist, or by making a more obvious statement. Wall paper can be a great conversation starter for reception areas and boardrooms.”

Using its new state of the art EFI Vutek GS525OLXr printer, Graffiti will be able to print on an extensive spectrum of materials ensuring interesting wall finishes. The wall paper choices available will include grasscloth, vinyl, embossed, fabric or paper and patterned, textured, or smooth wallpapers.

“Many currently available wall papers are imported and come with a hefty price tag – one that keeps climbing as the Rand weakens. Now being able to print locally and in white, in such a variety of styles, our made in South Africa offering will be far more competitive,” says Wood.

From interior decorators in the home decorating market, to creative ad agencies, boutique hotels, banks, restaurants and retail outlets – there is no environment that would not benefit from wall paper, colour and furniture in the right combination. Wood adds that for the most impact it’s best to choose a wall with no windows and no doors.

“Wallpaper is the most eloquent embodiment of changing fashions, vivid evidence of an individual’s taste, or company’s personality, and the fundamental framework of any new scheme of decoration and branding,” says Wood. “An idea in the making for some time, and with a market ready for new décor and branding opportunities, we opted to launch our new offering this February – Design Month – and look forward to introducing the market to our designs – from daring and breathtaking punchy patterns, to cool and controlled yet captivating palettes.”

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