Healthy Living Is Not a Weekend Special

The calendar is coming to a full circle and many of us are reflecting back to the resolutions we made and vowed to beginning of this year. Well one question I have for all the healthy active lifestyle fanatics is, truthfully how faithful and committed were you on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being very good and how do you feel about your rating.

Well I can already hear all the cheaters saying it’s not their fault due to the temptation being too high because they couldn’t resist mom’s cooking or they were attending functions or parties etc. I can only say congratulation to all who fulfilled their health goals and that they should keep on at it because we surely need someone to live to tell the tales to the next generation. I say this because the ugly truth is that if we don’t make a reasonable effort in looking after our health by improving the quality of our bodies functions we are only disappointing ourselves.

The choice is yours while you still have a choice and the ball is in your court. I can only testify to you that being healthy and constantly health conscience has blissful benefits not only for you but also to all who love and care about you. Let the festive season be a time for you to look at all your loved ones around the table and conclude on the road you wish to follow from that day onwards.

Every year in south Africa, days and months are nationally dedicated to health awareness issues such as breast cancer, diabetes, mental disorders, drug & alcohol addiction and HIV & Aids just to name a few. It is during this awareness campaigns that lifestyle advices are given either as preventative, curing or stabilizing measures which should to be applied by those infected and affected by such circumstances. The truth is we are globally affected in one way or the other and we simply cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this issues and hide behind consolation expressions such as ‘life is too short’ or ‘ you only live ones’.

What we need to do as a society is we need to prioritize celebrating in a much healthier manner so that our children and the next generation can appreciate healthy living. With that said the festive season is a season to be jolly and every family cannot wait to set their family tables with all kinds of ‘seven colors meals’ and it’s these celebration that should present an opportunity for all of us to instill and inspire fun filled health eating.

The year 2015 is not yet behind us, so you still have a chance to make it count. I encourage you to join a fitness club in your neighborhood and to adjust what’s in your kitchen to be much healthier for you and your family. Remember a balance diet high in varies nutrients is the best route to follow for prevention of most if not all lifestyle illnesses coupled with only moderate alcohol intake. Wishing you all a merry festive season full of joyful moments.

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