Limpopo textbook saga continues


Anxiety is on the rise as many parents are gripped with the fear that Limpopo will face another shortage in school textbook for their children, after an AG report on Thursday showed that the provincial education department had failed to acquire half the books needed for the 2015 academic year. Parents in Limpopo are not well impressed with the reports and believe the government should intervene to avoid the re-occurrence of the April 2014 textbook issue.

According to the AG reports titled  “Synopsis on AG’s Limpopo Department of Education Management Report”.

It said the department, which was under administration, had also failed to follow an internal management plan for the procurement and delivery of “learner teacher study material”.

 The department failed to deliver textbooks on time this year, despite being run by administrators for the past three years.

The report states that the SA Post Office (Sapo) provided incorrect information on the quantity of textbooks delivered to the schools.

In one case, it recorded that 5 700 books were delivered to Izikhali School while only 25 were signed for.

The report detailed how the department had over paid the Sapo by R3.3m during the 2013/14 financial year, had incurred R332m irregular expenditure, and a combined R130m fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

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