Lucy : The Movie

Like any movie enthusiasts, i was excited when Lucy was released. I am sure i was one of the first 3 people who first grab the ticket for the movie on Sterkinekor’s website. It was then time to switch my senses into Lucy mode , something i always do when i am about to review a movie produced and written by a writer luc besson  who has a sense for lovely action movies.

The Movie started with a low vibe and some what confusing interjected scenes , which i am guessing is more of an illustrative edge to the scenes we were watching. I find it disturbing and very irritating but as anyone would have acted , i was waiting for the big catch. 30 mins into the movie and i was glued to my chair as the action scenes kicked in , with much shooting and fighting and science and the extra ordinary in play. The movie went well and raised adrenalin so high that cloud nine couldn’t hold for long and at that moment when i was holding to my chair to get a befitting ending that would nail Lucy to my wall of great movies : It failed to deliver a great ending.

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