Mandela : A legendary Icon Remembered

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On this day (11-02-1990) Nelson Mandela was released from Prison and walked out a free man, after serving 27 years in Prison. He would go on to become South Africa’s first black president just four years later.


“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” –Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s walk to freedom has become the landmark of our great nation and a point that reminds us all of the beginning of change. The 11th is not only a day in history but part of our heritage, to remember the legendary icon Mandela.

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Giant tapestry at Cape Town International Aiport to honor Mandela

A giant 30 meter square tapestry is to be erected at the Cape Town International Airport in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of his release from prison.

Art for Amnesty and the Cape Town International Airport on Wednesday announced that they would partner in the creation of a giant tapestry in his memory.

The tapestry will hang in the ‘meeters and greeters’ area of the international arrivals hall of Cape Town International Airport and will be funded by international artist supporters of Amnesty International.

Announcing the project, which has the approval of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Deidre Davids of Cape Town International Airport said that it is indeed a privilege to be part of this very profound celebration.

“Madiba’s footprints lie deep in Cape Town and this is a wonderful way in which we can honour him. We believe that the tapestry will receive a positive reaction from all visitors to the airport,” says Davids.

The tapestry, which will take several months to complete, will be unveiled at a dedication ceremony at the airport scheduled for the end of this year.

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