Part One: Who should comment on SA Hip Hop?

This is for those of you who like hip hop and I have been taking classes all my life since the age of 14, when me and my friend from Eersterust (Poort) use to listen to hip hop on cassette and see gangster or hood section naming themselves after iconic hip hop musician and record labels. A doped culture from the US of A, we have come to love it and enjoy it. From hearing sound of record labels such as Def Jam and Death Row where crews and artists could be found on their roster whether they’re from the east or west and beef was a starter. We have brought those battles to our streets and our heads.

Bring it back to South Africa (Mzansi). We had only Ghetto Ruff then, and they movers and shakers of Hip Hop back then and 20 years ago, we still find ourselves searching and pondering about our next biggest hip hop movement.

How do we classify this movement within our cities, where everyone has internet accesses and watches international awards on TV and start commenting on the world biggest movement. So now what gives? And who should comment on Hip Hop?
So we watch a couple videos, movies and documentaries, follow the artist in social media and some of them are from your hood now we act like you know them or the type of Hip Hop they do.

Hip Hop in my understanding is about being proud of where you come from, your achievements, and take what’s on your mind. It does matter who likes you or who doesn’t by doing what your mind and heart wants feels at that moment.
So here are my views on who should comment on Hip Hop:
1. If you not will to listen to SA hip hop 24/7, you should stop right there.
2. If you haven’t got an original Album of Hip Hop artist from 1994 or 1996, you better sit down.
3. This one goes out to those who have taken pictures with artist after performance and want to add their views, please crop them out of your pictures because you mostly say the same thing about another artist.
4. Now, can we get real for a bit now, if you never attend a hip hop show in your hood, please stay in your lane
5. Don’t say I didn’t tell you this but, if you still think Hip Hop and Quito are on the same level, you better take a dictionary and look up the word Bling.
6. This one goes out to all those who think dancing to a beat because it’s nice, all I can say is this go to church and pray that a rapper is not talking about you, in his verse.
7. And if you’re an Artist and still come with your music on a phone and you don’t have a deejay, kindly go back to the studio and lock the producer and engineers in the studio until they give you a disc or something to take to your performance.
8. Can we roll out the red carpet for artists who still salute the other artist whom they never featured on the album or tracks, they should stop commenting on hip hop because their head is not even listening their music.
9. Look at this, your local radio station is not even playing your song and you haven’t made it to the cover of a local publication, take your comment and wipe your behind with it.
10. Finally, if you still catch falling then, I suggested you stop commenting on SA Hip Hop because the verse is getting really outchea.

Let’s not forget hip hop belongs to the streets and not on social media

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