Perfect Guy – Reviewed


Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan), is a successful lobbyist with a longtime boyfriend, Dave (Morris Chestnut). She decides it’s time to take the next step in her life — get married and start a family. Dave isn’t sure he’s ready, which inevitably leads to a breakup.Leah keeps bumping into the charming Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy) and they begin a relationship. Leah thinks she may have found the perfect guy, but she soon realises Carter’s protective nature and jealousy indicate something more sinister when he begins to get violent. – Sony Pictures Entertainment

What begins as another African American chick flick quickly turns into Guess Who, Meets enough and Diary of a Mad Black Woman. The twists, the timing of the thrills and the raw red knuckle violence swiftly makes this one of the most intriguing Sanaa Lathan offerings.

The star of Brown Sugar and In Love and Basketball is as convincing as ever in her role as a graceful, successful and independent corporate woman. Typically, she is unlucky in love, which develops into bigger problems within her silver screen life. Although the plot of the movie is not as gripping as Out of Time with Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes, Lathan plays succinctly the role of the protagonist, Leah Vaughn, that the audience wants to see succeed at the end.

In this case, success means saving her life from psychopathic sociopath Carter Duncan (played by Michael Ealy). Ladies, don’t be fooled by Ealy’s green eyes, golden complexion and rigid body contours; he’s a killer and a loving one at that. He’ll seduce you and your parents but off your next door neighbour. There’s a role for Morris Chestnut, as Vaughn’s ex-lover Dave King, but the predicted duel between the two romcom (Romantic Comedy) specialists never really takes off. You get the feeling that if you saw the trailer you can make full sense of what’s going to happen in the movie.

It’s that predictable. But it’s worth a watch (probably not on the first date) just so you can witness what it is about Ms Lathan that drives a man to insanity.


There are a lot of thrilling scenes in this movie, it is rated PG 13 and suitable for lovers and friends. We wouldn’t recommend it for a family choice. It would probably do well in the books of singles who wants some thrill rush. Its worth a watch.

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