Petrol price drop excites South Africans


Last year this time, consumers were sad about the news of an increase to the petrol price that pushed it up to R13.60 a litre. This year, motorists are excited about the Department of Energy’s announcement that petrol will decrease by 93 cents a litre Tonight.

The decrease means that 95-octane petrol will cost R10.31 a litre, this is something quite huge to economists as this is the lowest the price of fuel has being since 2011.

In order to check the different rates and years , AA has designed an interactive page on their website that would give an ordinary consumer the opportunity to compare the prices. Considering the 30 percent increase in the price of petrol last year, a South African motorists who paid R2 176 to put 160 litres of petrol in their car at that time will now pay R1 649.60 for the same amount. Due to this decline, many corporations have already stated making plans on reducing prices. This comes after the announcement of the reduction in the price fuel.

Following up on the direct result of the price of fuel on products that are affected by it, Mango Airline has confirmed a reduction in fare prices, and is the only company that has so far, officially stated its intention. South Africans are however optimistic that others would follow suit.

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