Pretoria’s #RoadIntercessor

On several occasions, whilst in the buzzling and busy traffic of pretoria I spotted a man standing on the lid back of a landRover. The first time it looked like it was a performer but I couldn’t fail to notice the individual had a bible in his hand.

So I made a chase date to catch up with him and know exactly what he was up to and why he was up so early to stand at different locations in Pretoriapretoriaprayerman2 Meet Ziggy, the man that has dedicated his mornings to driving around Pretoria and praying for Pretorians and south Africans to be safe and for South Africa to become a stronger nation. He is a man that has devoted his time and resources to the purpose of interceding for our nation.

As Ziggy prays around Pretoria, he gets criticized by man who believe he is an hypocrite, whilst interviewing him, there was a man driving in a public transport that yelled “Fut@k”. He says he is OK with critics, and if they believe prayers do not work, they should render other options that will, Prayer is all this nation needs.

” man is deeply wicked in his heart , you do not want to know what i think in my heart”

Ziggy claims he is doing this work of praying for everyone from his own personal capacity and believes no one can pay him for the work he is doing all over, as he says ” not even zuma can pay me”. He has dedicated 44 years of his life to ministry and he is currently on this campaign of interceding on everyone’s behalf. Ziggy has quite an interesting attire (costume) one that draws attention to him. Its hard to miss him, so I asked why he has the kind of attire he had on.

Ziggy says , the hat he wears represents the Indians of South Africa, his own skin represents the umlungu’s (in his own word) of South Africa, the shining neck brace the ndebele, the necklace represents the Xhosa, the leopard skin represents the Zulu. Bracelet on his right hand the Shangans, the left hand string represents the Venda, the leg brace represents the Pedis, he also has the beads on his ankle which he says represents the khoisans. He says the attire is prophetic and he wears this attire to intercede on behalf of the multi ethnicity.

He believes someone has to intercede for mankind as man is deeply wicked in his heart , you do not want to know what I think in my heart , he says. So he believes many have left God and opted to honor ancestors and wonder why things go the way they are, so he stays in different corners interceding for mercy.

His last words are that ” God has got good plans for South Africa , God wants to bless this nation, God wants to use this nation to help the rest of the continent and to the rest of the world and he is saying come to me have got the words of life.

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