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We count down the Calendar every month, busy with meeting deadlines, completing delegated tasks from our supervisors, meeting our KPI to make our managers happy and impressing our COO and the board.

Here is a scenario, you are or working towards being a business woman or man, a career woman/ man, you work so hard to make a difference in your life, to build a life you’d be proud of, to be in a position to provide for yourself and loved ones. You work hard to build a legacy, to leave a legacy to live the life you’ve always admired. I must say that this can be a journey and sometimes we lose ourselves in this big world, we become so hungry for success and so focused that we forget the most important things in life.

We are so driven by passion, the goals we set, dreams and the need for independence that we forget the small things that matter the most in life.

Children, are one of God’s greatest gifts. A gift that matters more than most, a gift that can’t be measured or compared with anything else, a gift that makes it all worth it. You are now at a point where you have accomplished most of your goals most of your dreams and you wake up one day with a big feeling of emptiness because of the absence of a child, the absence of the one thing that makes life a full circle.

The Question is : What do you do when you find yourself feeling strongly about this, feeling so strong about the need to have a child of your own and taking into consideration that you are not in any relationship that fits for a child or not even in a relationship at all.

When you look at the people in your life you always find that one person, maybe a friend or someone you know well, that has all the good qualities, qualities of a parent someone who can be a role model to your children, someone who is a mother or can be a father figure to your child, someone who is just a good person and you would be proud to have them father or mother your child.

Do you ask? And How do you ask the question, how do you ask your friend or that person you trust, to father your child with no relationship, to bear a child and bring a gift to this world for you. Are we that open minded or mature to openly ask this someone? are we at that point to understand what it means for someone to ask for something so precious or are we so open to give someone the one gift they truly need, the one gift that will complete life and make it all meaningful.

Considering you are going to be the mother/father of the children and you are aware of the costs of taking care of the child, confidently assured the child would be well taken care of. This Question lingers in the mind of many adults, many take the close circuit of entering into a timed relationship to fulfil this ambition only to be entangled in a long brawl of arguments and legal compensation cases.

Others find a confidant and someone who they could trust, engage with a mutual understanding of the goal of the relationship. Unfortunately opinions change and one of the partner want more than initially agreed. What is the way out ?

Leave your opinions here and lets discuss this :

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