Samsung Gear S Reviewed

Samsung’s wearables strategy seems to be: “Throw everything at a wall and see what sticks.” In a little over 12 months, the electronics giant has launched six — yes, six — different smartwatches, each with its own unique personality. The latest is the Samsung Gear S, and its particular claim to fame might be the most ambitious yet: It’s the first Gear watch that lets you make and receive calls from your wrist, no phone required. The Samsung Gear S is a smart watch that’s also a phone. But it still needs a phone — and a Samsung phone, at that — to be of any use.

On paper, the concept of new devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear are the product of sound thinking. Vibration can be better felt and thusly rendered less audible and more subtle if coming from a device placed directly on your skin. Glancing down at a watch face and then tapping it to check and answer/decline a call or notification is more discrete for those attending board meetings and such or anyone simply looking to be less obvious with their mobile device behavior.

The watch is sharp looking and tells the time just fine. I like that it’s smart enough to know when I’m sitting upright and looking at the face, as that causes the Super AMOLED display to spring to life. The UI is super simple and navigating is genius where swiping, tapping or double tapping the screen leads to a ton of intuitive functions. Still I can’t get behind the product due to a number of fundamental missteps listed in the phone cons and pros.


This Gadget is not on the low-budget side, a device priced as much that cannot function without the phone itself would be considered a bit of a pricey accessory. So, we believe the Gadget is awesome and works perfectly, despite the high price tag, it would be a great buy for fans geeks and gadget joe. We tested and reviewed the Gear S, it is awesome but yet has some limitations that Samsung can look into developing.

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