Samsung Note4 Review


The Samsung Note4 is selling hot in the market , Some said it would never catch on, but here we are four years on from the original Galaxy Note phablet with the fourth generation device – the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With an enhanced design choke-full of hardware and software features, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 looks like a dream come true for smart-phone enthusiasts who tend to be firmly convinced that more is better when it comes to technology.

The Galaxy Note’s big screen and S Pen stylus are certainly not for everyone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha offer a more mainstream smart-phone setup – the Note 4 brings together big power, a big screen and big productivity. It’ll be too big for some and the S Pen is still questionable, but overlook this and you’ll be happy.

If you’re after a top-end smart-phone which won’t break the bank (or your palm, pocket or handbag) then you’re probably in the wrong place. It’s up against the likes of the Nexus 6, Nokia Lumia 1520,Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and the steeply priced iPhone 6 Plus, with the latter the only one matching the Note 4 in terms of cost.




if you are looking for a common feature phone that is use-able on the go and a phone that is not too priced, then you will not enjoy the Note4. If you need a professionally capable phone with loads of space for premium android apps and flexibility for corporate need with no fright of price, then you will enjoy this phone.



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