YEBO! December is here and it’s almost behind us. The good thing about December is that it’s consistent. In our society, it is a time to share great amount of time with all our people, December is an excuse to activate the self destructive mode with regards to our finances and health. We need to keep in mind that financial pressure is also a health risk. We do over notice a trend of people trying to play it safe to avoid the December fever by keeping a low profile.

As a healthy active lifestyle coach, I can only advise by reminding you that if you don’t start today someone else will and by the time you are still thinking of starting 3 months down the line, by then someone else will definitely be evaluating their 3 months results and celebrating their milestone.


Everyday has its own results because every day is a new opportunity and that my friend is just a fact of life. Procrastination can leave you constantly beating yourself up and having restless calculations and reflections of what could have, should have, and would have. This dear friend is the onset of stress and the stress hormone cortisol causes havoc to the immune system and interferes with your metabolism by declining muscle mass and promoting accumulation of belly fat.

For many people, adapting a healthy lifestyle could be financially costly because they end up spending on items such as running shoes, exercising gear, gym membership, supplements without a complete commitment to their decision. Therefore what could have been a health investment now turns into a loss. No one wants to fail but time and time again we keep letting ourselves down and we become our own enemy. I am proud of team 2015 that made this year count to the best of their ability and I urge those left behind to join in on the fun of adapting a healthy active lifestyle.

The undisputed truth is you cannot beat us so you might as well join us, the more the merrier, being healthy ROCKS. 2016 is fast approaching and eager to push 2015 into the past so now is the time to draft your new resolution and scale them down to the reasonable and possible item on your list. Do not set yourself up for failure and don’t underestimate yourself either. Familiarize yourself with your strength and weakness and balance all your options of moving forward. The late Jim Ron says, “Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live”.

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