Shack fire in KZN, left many homeless

Sea Cow Lake Residents on Johanna road in Durban had no where else to lay but inside temporary tents last night , due to a fire outbreak that claimed their shacks and destroyed their properties on Monday morning, according to media loop.

Residents tried saving their belongings and carried household items out of the shacks to the nearby road. The fire broke out around 5am. No one was injured. The cause was not yet known but at least 100 families were left homeless after being affected by the fire, the cause of which is yet to be determined.


The Ward 34 councillor, Ganesh Deochand said he was not sure when the residents will be moved to proper houses, he also said the following : “There are plans to build houses but I cannot say when that will happen or how long it would take, but in the meantime the disaster management will assist the affected families,”.

Robert Mckenzie, the spokesman also commented saying : “The Durban fire department fought the large blaze, which was estimated to have affected between 80 and 100 informal dwellings,.


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