Simone is Crowned the Ultimate shot 2014


In the cause of this year, we were introduced to theUltimateShot, South Africa, an internet based audition project that allows aspiring singing talents the opportunity to upload audio/visuals online and engage on social platforms and the internet to get their videos voted to qualify as one of the top ten videos and then get to be theUltimateShot in the final.

The first season is over and South Africa has chosen the first Ultimate Shot winner : Simone Govender , we went with the owner of the project to meet the winner and share most of her experiences of the project and get to know her. Arriving at her family home in Johannesburg, we touched base with Simone, she is full of aspirations and excitement as the winner of the project and here is our audio interview with her :

Audio playtime : 3:59

2014-12-10 (2) 2014-12-10 (1)

Simone Govendor is a true star , interesting , funky and jovial individual who showed us she deserves to be the one who scoops the top prize in the project. We would follow the progress of the winner and believe she has the qualities of a star, her parents were amazing and we were happy to chat with the first star of theUltimateShot, South Africa for 2014 over delicious Indian delicacies.

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