Something Spring, Something healthy.

The winter season is behind us and the spring season has graced our shores with fresh resolutions as we are inspired by the blossoming of colorful vegetation all around us. The 1st of September in South Africa from my experience carries with it a culture of splashing water on one another, playing outdoor games which reconnect people and encourage team spirit, celebrations of our country’s heritage and dressing up in colorful clothes that enhance good mood. All around the globe the spring season symbolizes self renewal and new beginnings for the majority of people and the same can be said for animals and plants alike.

Much can be said and written about the season itself however I will narrow our focus around healthy living. For many of us coming out of winter means rising from a state of inactivity and bad eating habits therefore precautions measures of consulting our health coaches for correct personalized programs of intervention should be our priority. My recommendation as a personal health coach is that one should take up a 90 days feel and look good plan as part of the season and long term goal.

Do not start spring by guilt and stress because they will only lead to a lower metabolism and more stress to your total wellness. We need to quickly forgive ourselves of all winter indiscretion by embracing the sunshine and allowing it to photosynthesis our much healthier goals of injecting life back in our bodies. Help your kidneys and liver to cleanse your body from all winter coffees, whisky, rich spicy food and greasy take outs by drinking lots of water and eating cleaner green salads.

A Healthy active lifestyle is about having healthy eating and activity habits that would lead to a better quality of life that leaves you looking and feeling good in your own skin. We need to constantly keep in mind that the most rewarding practice of achieving this feel and look good lifestyle is by eating and exercising right. For the radiance of our skin we need to master the habit of choosing food that promotes the ability of our bodies to produce collagen and elastin and also protect us against UV rays from the sun. Happy spring season and all of the best to all healthy active lifestyle fanatics.

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