The GAPP Awards – Prestige from Start to Trophy

In March of this year, Sentient Publishing in association with Avery Dennison, launched The GAPP Awards, a broad-based printing competition designed to allow printers in all sectors of the industry to compete for recognition according to the categories of print in which they are active.

Until the launch of this competition, there was no competition designed to draw attention to print quality. The GAPP Awards will allow printers to compete in 30 categories covering all types of print and without limitation. For the purposes of the competition and in keeping with the coverage of The GAPP Magazine, printing refers to any process where an image is created on a substrate.

The GAPP Awards are now open for entries and are progressing well. Sponsorships are filling up and entries are being received. With all this progress in the competition, Sentient Publishing has launched the Trophies which printers will be competing for. The spectacular trophies have been designed and hand-crafted by Hypenotik Design based on a concept devised by the team at Sentient Publishing to capture the essence of The GAPP Brand. It is a strong, modern design emphasising the new and modern look and feel of The GAPP while at the same time reflecting the tradition and history of the printing industry and the various processes which make it up.

The GAPP Awards is a broad-spectrum printing competition designed to give printers the opportunity to compete against other printers in similar sectors. The aim is to make the competition as representative as possible in order to ensure that printers from every sector have the ability to enter.

A full list of the competition categories can be found on the new and dedicated website which offers a single source for all the information on the competition. The category description will simplify the process of selecting the correct category. However, the judges in the first round of judging will have the ability to move your entry if they feel that you have selected incorrectly.

Entries can be made via the website. Anyone associated with specific jobs can enter and pay the entry fee but it is the printer who will win the award. As such, the printer must agree to the entry being submitted.

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