The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Laughable Action

Release Date in South Africa Theatres –  25 August  2017


From Summit Entertainment. The world”s top protection agent (Ryan Reynolds) gets a new client: a hit man who came in from the cold (Samuel L. Jackson). They”ve been on the opposite ends of a bullet for years. Now they must team up and have only 24 hours to get to The Hague to bring down a murderous dictator (Gary Oldman)


It had been a while since an action comedy screened and Renoylds just sticks well with funny comedy action movie. This was by far the most exciting old fashion action movie seen in the past few months. It was fun, got lots of funny moments especially when we saw the interaction between Ryan Reynolds (Bryce) and Samuel L. Jackson (Kincaid). It was actually not a new recipe where two people of different background had to work together to be safe from the bad guys (a little bit similar formula in the movie Bulletproof with Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler). However, this movie was having a lot more awesome ridiculous stunts and a lot more brutal. Yes, the killings were pretty violent but not up to the level of horrifying.

The movie had got an R rating mostly I think due to the profound language (countless times we would hear the “F” word being used in here) and some of the action sequences. The main attraction in this movie was definitely the amazing chemistry between Bryce and Kincaid’s characters. It was really wonderful to see how difficult Bryce who was a methodical full of planning type had to deal with Kincaid who always did anything based on instinct. Surprisingly also, Salma Hayek’s character as a totally violent person was very fun to watch.

The money is so fun and action packed in so many scenes, there was no dull moment in the movie, except maybe the first 10 mins into the action scenes. For a movie of almost 2 hours, it sure filled us with lots of entertaining scenes. Just when you thought that it was over, there seemed to be something else again. And if you wait till the end credit scene, you can see a quite funny scene before it ended.

Another factor that made the movie so fun to see was the use of some 80s songs to accompany the “romantic” scenes such as Hello by Lionel Richie or I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner. The explosion effects and the sound effects were great. All in all this film was a really entertaining movie that gave us lots and lots of fun.

If you like comedy and action type movies you should like see this. We would really recommend this one for you to see in the cinemas near you. If you are longing for a good fun comedy action movie, then you have got to see this. It’s a very decent watch for friends.

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