United for Mandela event made an impact

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A quite windy morning and a very Lazy period for most of us as the year busy weeks are gradually coming to an end. I was invited to the U4M project but was hesitant due to the weather, in preparing for a relaxed Saturday, I flipped my ipad and saw a tweet from Sports Minister :

I felt i just had to be there , it wouldn’t be a dull moment knowing the persona that the sports minster Fikile Mbalula exudes everywhere he goes, so i decided to attend and left for the union building.

I was shocked when i got to the union Building as the crowd surpassed my expectation, South Africans came out in their numbers and the vibe was lively and active. I pulled up and got on track to do my bit in the unite for Mandela bid and i was not alone.

In the most deeper aspect of the Unite for Mandela project is the health impact that is associated with participants and it is beautiful to see the working and busy masses coming to the play with the mindset that they are contributing to a project designed in the name of the late Mandela, which in turn benefits the country and creates a healthier nation.

It is a beautiful initiative and one that reminds many of the need for sports and recreation. Success is not in numbers but impact, and as the numbers could have been higher, I believe the impact of the project surpasses the sphere of the union building but one that stems as a reminder to all that attended of the need of exercising.

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