Vodacom Contract Customers unhappy


A contract client of Vodacom yesterday invited one of our team journalist to the vodacom Contact centre, where she has been told by CSE agents of their no capacity to assist the customer. She went in to make a complaint about her airtime getting depleted without her making use of the airtime, while in the vodacom store , there were four other irate clients who needed to do a sim swap and an elderly man who wanted to upgrade his phone but was told the system was off – line.

We went on twitter to check if other stores were having the same issues and that was when we found a string of messages on twitter that revealed that vodacom like Fnb is also facing a IT related issue :

It’s probably one of those times when Pre-paid subscribers feel special and monthly payers feel a little less special, knowing they are not getting the service promised when signed up. One would think big players as Vodacom and First National Bank have all passed the bucket loop and put all mechanism in place for support periods as such, but its times like these that makes payers feel they are not getting squared for their money’s worth.

The network provider says customers on contract are currently unable to do SIM swaps or upgrade their contracts at Vodacom outlets and online.

Vodacom’s Richard Boorman says this has, however, not affected those on pre-paid.

He says technicians are working to resolve the problem.

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