Winter survival for the unwavering Healthy fanatics.

With winter setting in to make its mark in the 2015 calendar and so it simultaneously separates the healthy lifestyle committed individuals from the uncommitted ones. Little do most people realize that this season naturally has inbuilt boot camp results if you stick to your healthy nutritional diet and correct physical exercise and shy away from the fatty and sugary goodies that come with winter commercials.

Don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting that you totally not have that muffin and coffee during that winter rainy morning, I merely advising that you stick to your goal and not over indulge just because the weather has changed. Yes, your body will need a little extra energy to keep you warm therefore this the best time to supply it with the best low in calories nutritious energy source for efficient metabolic function.

The hundred percent equation {nutrition (80%) + exercise (20%) = Healthy body (100%)} that formulate how we can all obtain good health is truly a recipe that should be adopted by all households in South Africa. The Alarming health statistics in South Africa related to lifestyle illness should set a sense of urgency for families to take care of what is in their kitchen and to see to it that the is some form of exercise that they as a family can partake in as part of their family quality time. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger states that ‘’ more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.”

The following are some tip to help you manage this winter,
Tip 1: Don’t stress or be anxious about fast result, be patient with yourself. Develop a healthy habit of looking and think about your food as fuel that fills up your body with the best value nutrients your body deserve to sustain the quality of your health and keep you body happy.

Tip 2: develop the culture of listening to your body especially after eating to determine whether what you just ate benefits your wellbeing. Do you feel energized after eating of fatigued? Keep in mind healthy food energizes the body and activate cell function and hormone production.

Tip 3: A healthy breakfast is the best way to kick off a healthy eating habit. The frequency of healthy proportioned eating and drinking water/ thermoelectric beverages throughout the day is the driving force to optimal function of your body and healthy living.

Tip 4: Join a fitness club/group in your area and always consult your health and weight management coach to monitor your process. Keep in mind to always prepare your body before your exercise and to recover it afterward. Don’t exercise when sick, take time out for your body to recover.

Tip 5: Make it a point that with every portion of food you eat throughout the day aid in sustaining and protecting your lean muscle mass and bone density. Keep warm this winter and always cover your chest, neck and forehead area.

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