Allan Gray ticks the gray box with Father’s Share

Wealth management is a very grey topic in a time when people could hardly manage to save. It is with no doubt why many investment companies are not the people’s favorite. Having a company stand out takes more than just an advert but something so connected and emotional that it becomes natural. Allan Gray has done just that in a very long time.

Money is a sensitive topic

Considering the economic downsizing, increased tax, retrenchment, increase in the numbers of low-income earners and higher cost of living. It is very impractical to talk about investment, even banks shy away from savings, while many have increased the interest rate to attract customers.

It becomes a delicate topic, hence the investment company has to look for a subtle way to get the message across and get people to invest.

Allan gray shows us this pain when a father asks his children for a portion of their earnings throughout their lives. It is easy to relate to the pain and inconvenience of sacrificing the little as we sympathise with the young children in the advert.

Family is everything 

Allan gray shows the role of trust in making hard decisions and why trust is important in the savings and investment process.

People only part with money when there is an element of family and trust. The son was not happy to see his father taking his share of the time the child had made money, from household chores to when he reaches adulthood.

However, the only person that was able to access the fund of this children and demand a portion was someone that was close and trusted, a figure that was referenced as knowing and seen as being in their interest.

The son was unaware his father had kept a record of every single transaction in the form of a ledger, an old exercise book.

Legacy is earned

The children were given an old exercise ledger book. The ledger had remained a secret until the time of the father’s passing. When the son returns home filled with uncertainty and anguish, they were made to realised that their father had saved all the money he had taken from them, all their lives.

There was a smile, at last, a smile that showed that long investment eventually pays off and better. The essence of Allan Gray’s investment philosophy and the company’s focus on the long-term is expressed through the father’s patient commitment and the son’s consistent sharing of his earnings

Allan Gray showed us the reward of sacrifice, through the planned action of one man that was disciplined and understood the power of saving.

It made it easy to relate, the pain of sacrifice, with the power of trust and what was earned, was a legacy at the end.

It is safe to say, investment was displayed perfectly in the advert and made a topic that everyone can relate to, as well as directing the advert to the audience that needs a reminder of the impact of the investment.

The cast could have been mixed to give it some balance but I guess everyone is playing it safe with color these days. Personally, I love the soundtrack and think this was a brilliant job.

Allan Gray, in partnership with King James II, launched its latest TVC as part of an integrated brand campaign. 

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