Faded Glory or New Order


The movie industry was a huge success in the 80’s and the 90’s and that was based on great script writting , organized directors and a well planned realease timing. I still remember, the thrill of watching a well written and directed movie, clinging to the edge of my blankee and tip toed on our family couch with excitement as every scene unravelled with amazing suprises.

Till date i have watched over 86,000 movies and only a handful really made it to my best movie list , some were ordinarilly played out smart , others were brilliant and a hanful were just ok to the ordinary.

So in 2014, what is the movie world like and what really motivate writters, with million of Computer generated imagery (CGI) softwares in the market, creativity is at an all time low in story telling and Sci-fi tops the shelves with fantasy and futuristic movie used to play down the once beautiful part of exsistence ” drama”.

In the few months before metros mag launched , i felt robbed of my ticket fees as many of the movies i watched did not play out well as promised by their trailers. I have been adding reviews on American movie sites and mega movie debut platforms like IMDB, but many of these movies are still watched locally.

So i have taken on this quest to sit through screening sessions , highlight buzz and movies launches, to give consumers and movie lovers reviews that would make them make the best of time in front of the big screen as well as when pilling through a shelve or scrolling through online movie shops.

So let the reveiews begin, call me MR. Piper, i will endure the pain of bad writters , horrible directors and not to talk of local script cloning , repetitive actors playing synonymus roles in different movies that are screened in the same movie seasons.

So be sure to check out my revies of SA’s hot release line up of American movies and our very own local productions, and you be sure i will deliver. I will not fail you.

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