#Hashtag Mobile : How to feature Cassper in your music

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As Cassper keeps his fame momentum, gets upbeat with new deals and relationships over the globe, upcoming artist, celebrities and companies are looking for a way to collaborate and partner with the star. For those who have tried in the past, they would be familiar with the term “junked mail” but that just changed after cassper launched the #Hashtag Mobile this month.

Cassper gave the jewel away, when he mentioned that he is open to a new type of partnership with upcoming artist that would give them an opportunity to feature him in their music, ” about the question, How will I empower upcoming artists, if you buy 10 of my mobile phones, you will get a feature. At least 10, that is a start” says Cassper.

Cassper who revealed at the launch of the mobile his best communication channel, said ” i have an app pre-installed on the mobile phone called Cassper Nyovest, where you can communicate directly with me”. So to communicate with cassper you will be fast-tracked with the power of his app on the phone.

AG Mobile has a monthly target of 10,000 mobile phone sales to ensure that the #hashtag mobile becomes a success story, so this initiative of collaboration and exchange preposition seems to be the smartest and genius approach to get the mobile phones moving.

Hopefully cassper would be able to cope with the feature demands and not disappoint buyers during review of the music and artist who are trying to get a feature with him.

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