Healthy is possible.

The movement of the country ‘s epidemiological transition as a result of unhealthy lifestyles, which relates to tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy nutritional consumption and lack of regular aerobic physical activity observed in 2006 by the Medical Research Council (MRC) recommends that part of a course of action is a population-wide intervention program.

Six year down the line in 2012, the first South African National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey (SANHANES) was established as a repeated population health survey in order to address the changing health needs in the country . The findings were then related to the health and nutritional status of the South African population.

The overall finding in summary was that South Africa indeed has a huge burden of disease that is fuelled by a multiplicity of risk factors requiring multi-sectoral action and healthy public policies.

As a society, these on our part reflect a lack responsibility and self care. The increasing status of Lifestyle illness is a reflection of me, you and where our focus is. Of course this is not said unmindful to the shocking figures of unemployment in our country however tangible steps such as mini backyard vegetable gardens, jugging or exercise are proven fertile step to take.

The big question is, is this easily said than done or do we just not have the will power?

Obesity - A Positive Lifestyle
In my opinion we lack the will power to make the conscious decisions that would improve our wellness, however there must be more social based trends that encourage and inspire people to be responsibile for their wellbeing and look beyond medications.

We have come to misuse and mistaken the word “DIET”. The word diet means “BALANCED”. A balanced, healthy active lifestyle is not easily obtainable. However, self-motivation and baby-steps are the magical tools we can individually and collectively use in shifting communicable illness, weight issues and health problems.

The trial and tested methods of managing the composition of your weight boils down to mastering the 80%+20% rule of a healthy active lifestyle model. I am part of the #MMfitfabLeague for Healthy lifestyle and would be touching on the topics on our twitter platform.

Join in on #MMfitfabLeague. We also need to remember that when we keep pointing out figures into the distance like direction billboards then we lose our ultimate power to change, because the direction of our figure show that which must change therefore leaving us unchangeable.

There is a solution when it comes to adopting a healthy and active lifestyle, all we need to do is ask and have the willingness to implement what is recommended for our intervention. Tips would be shared daily on our social platform. #MMfitfabLeague

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