Sbu Banda spreads hope through rhythm

There has been so much hype about Sbu Banda in the previous weeks in newspapers, social platforms and on the Radio. It has created so much buzz about his upcoming Live DVD recording featuring Benjamin Dube but most of these articles have left out something more interesting, we couldn’t ignore.

Here are a few things you might not know about Sbu Banda and how important his upcoming project is to his dreams.

  • Sbu Banda is one of the few gospel artists in the country that loves connecting with their audience, and this has fueled his interest for Live performances.
  • Sbu Banda, despite his accomplishments in the music industry is still a dedicated choir leader at his church.
  • Sbu Banda is recognized by fans as a down to earth, humble and reserved individual despite his milestone accomplishments.
  • Sbu Banda has received several award nominations, as well as wins from Ingoma Awards, Kenya Extreme Awards, Crown Gospel awards and SABC Munghana Lonene awards, but the biggest accomplishment that motivates Sbu Banda’s passion for music is his dream of helping to give hope to others.


Sbu sees every opportunity given to him in public spaces as a chance to reach the hopeless and encourage them to keep moving. In an interview scheduled with sbu banda, he narrated his journey into the music industry and believes he can do more, not only through rhythm but also by giving.

I am honored to be able to use my talent to move people closer to their purpose, but it would be a delight to see one more Kid make school, the sick’s Hospital Bill paid or just a little bit of food for the needy” says sbu banda with a compassionate look on his face.

Sbu banda does not only sing but has put an inspirational organization in place to assist the needy, an organization that is devoted to encouraging and helping the less privileged in our country.

Sbu Banda dedicated the Album *Ungalahli-Ithemba* to this project. He believes this cause would move dreams forward and give hope for the future.


I will Bless the Lord

Considering Sbu’s passion for his music and a dream to give others hope, we revisit his own childhood memories of when his father started to teach him to play the piano – if there was no piano, he might never have become the sbu Banda that he is today.

His Organization Ungalahli Ithemba Foundation is a charity organization with a mandate to help those in need and encourage people to move beyond their circumstances.

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Sbu Banda would continue his mandate this weekend as he teams up with Rev Benjamin Dube to spread hope through rhythm at the Heartfelt Arena in Hatfield.

The tickets are almost half of what we normally pay to watch international acts, as tickets are from R80 to R200 and considering the sales would benefit those in need, that should be an even greater reason to be part of the event.

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