CemAir faces public backlash after live video of socialite, Shamiso Mosaka goes viral

Domestic airline CemAir is facing backlash following a viral live video of  MTV Base presenter, Shamiso Mosaka.

The video shows Shamiso Mosaka, the daughter of South African journalist and broadcaster Azania Mosaka, being forced off a plane by a policeman.

When Shamiso allegedly exclaimed “what the f***” during a phone call with a friend, she was asked to get off the plane, leading to the altercation.

One of the passengers said that no one had raised any complaints over Shamiso’s actions. But conflicts with the CemAir flight attendant are said to be what resulted in her being forcefully kicked off the aircraft by the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Shamiso accused the flight attendants of racism and said she was being mistreated during the live video that was posted on social media.

The socialite can further be seen returning to her seat inside the aircraft and refusing to get up. She is then followed by one of the policemen, who orders her to go outside but instead goes to the captain’s cabin, where the pilot asks her to turn off her phone.

“I cannot switch off the phone, I wanted to switch it off because I thought that I going to get to fly.”

Since then, CemAir has encountered major backlash on social media. They acknowledged that Shamiso had been forced to leave the aircraft, stating that the situation had however been exaggerated on social media and that the narrative was false.

They claimed that Shamiso had to be taken off the flight because she refused to adhere to the regulations of the airline.

In a statement detailing the incident, CemAir said that Shamiso was running late before turning “unruly and abusive” and defying the flight attendant’s “lawful” instructions.

CemAir pledged to cooperate with law enforcement in order to look into the situation more thoroughly and potentially press charges.

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