I woke up to the continuous ging of my twitter update, it got too irritating, so I got up to switch it off and just get on with my nap but the #Ripflabba felt too much to bear. I am still in shock and literally can’t phantom the repercussion and toil this event will take in the lives of the family of Nkululeko Habedi. It is sad to report such stories, considering our country has lost celebrities and stars in this same way and it continues.

So, if you haven’t heard or seen it. Let me be the first to break it to you, Flabba is Skwatta Kamp member Nkululeko Habedi, better known as Flabba, The 38-year-old is confirmed died.

He is reported to have been stabbed to death at his family home in Alexandra in the early hours of the morning.

Police have confirmed that they have a woman in custody, she is believed to be Habedi’s girlfriend.

Flabba recently released a feature with JayR and has been active in the industry, on demand, in songs with Kwesta’s hit ” Do like I Do”. The fans sure will miss him, as is the tweets that are pouring under #Ripflabba on twitter:

Nkululeko Habedi was a member of Award – winning Skwatta Kamp group, Skwatta Kamp founded in 1996 and a close ally of flabba is Slikour, who was also a member of skwatta kamp.

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