The Trailer for “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has been released by Sony Pictures

The first official trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die has been released and it teases the comeback of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who directed the highly successful Bad Boys For Life back in 2020, are back to lead the much-anticipated sequel, which stars Smith and Lawrence, respectively.

The film’s cast includes Rhea Seehorn and Eric Dane, along with returning cast members Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Paula Núñez, and Jacob Scipio.

The next film in the franchise, commences some time after the end of Bad Boys For Life, and is teased to be an action-packed one which also provides more details on how the new and returning cast will fit into the narrative.

The trailer reveals a shocking twist: Joe Pantoliano’s Captain Conrad Howard will be making a surprise return in the upcoming film—at least in video form.

Howard was a beloved member of the Bad Boys cast from the first film in the series, released in 1993, but he tragically lost his life in Bad Boys For Life. In the upcoming film, Howard is posthumously accused of corruption, and Mike and Marcus are also supposed to be implicated as they try to find the truth. Howard warns them in a video, “don’t trust anybody.”

The latest teaser also reveals Seehorn and Dane’s character placement within the cast of Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Seehorn (Better Call Saul) will portray a law enforcement official who is supposedly in charge of the manhunt for Mike and Marcus when they become fugitives.

On the other hand, Dane (Euphoria) is shown as a villain, even though it’s unclear what he wants precisely.

Reunited as AMMO (Advanced Miami Metro Operations) members, Hudgens, Ludwig, and Núñez appear to be allies once more.

The teaser also makes it evident that Bad Boys: Ride or Die will carry on the franchise’s history of fusing humour with spectacular action scenes. Much of the humour in the franchise stems from the banter between Mike and Marcus in particular, and the next sequel won’t deviate from this.

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