Mango Airline cuts price as petrol price reduces

mangoairline © travellerinfo

Mango announced yesterday that the airline will reduce its fares on all routes, with immediate effect. The move comes following a recent reduction in the price of fuel.

Travelers should expect to pay less, from around R395 one way between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth while reductions in fares across all other network points will be rolled out this week. The airline will also continue to monitor the downward movement in the cost of fuel and, should further benefit be evidenced, further adjustments will be effected, it announced in press release.

“While it is not expected that the oil price will maintain current low levels for extended periods of time, Mango said it will continue to review its pricing to ensure that consumers enjoy its Air Fare fares.”

The carrier will also not change its baggage rules with a full 20kg free checked bag allowance per traveller per booking.

“Combining the favourable luggage benefit along with reduced fares as part of our fuel price benefit price reduction continues to cement Mango’s pole position as the most consistently affordable domestic airline,” says Kaiser.

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