Conterfeit Suspect Denied Bail

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A man charged with possession of fake one hundred rand notes and defrauding numerous victims, has been refused bail.

Tegwin Zeth Deacon, 36, appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court over seven counts of fraud for tendering fake money to victims, reckless and negligent driving, driving without a license and possession of suspected stolen property. Deacon’s co-accused, Storm Britz, 24, has not yet applied for bail.

In her ruling, the Magistrate stated that Deacon is a danger to both the economy and community. There is nothing that would bind Deacon to a geographical area and if released on bail, there is a possibility of him evading trial.

Deacon and Britz were arrested early last month after police allegedly found them with over fourteen thousand rands, made up of Conterfeit (fake) one hundred rand notes. There other uncut fake one hundred rand notes were found in A4 and A5 formats. Items that included laptops, printers, I-Phone 5 cellphones, MacBook and Apple TV, were seized during their arrest.

Later the police found that the duo had allegedly used fake money to acquire electronic items valued at about R25000-00 from unsuspecting civilians.

The case was postponed for further investigations.

The accused are expected to appear in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on the 27th of March 2015.

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